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How to Make Sans Soufre Pinot Noir in Patagonia in 8 Easy Steps

We finally convinced Piero to bottle a sans soufre Pinot Noir for the US market.  

1. Get up really early to pick (on a Fruit Day obvs)! 

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Bodega Chacra is located in the Rio Negro Valley of northern Patagonia, 620 miles south of Buenos Aires, 1,240 miles north of Tierra del Fuego.

2. Go to the closest row of 60+ year old Pinot Noir vines with your pruning shears.

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The fruit for the sans soufre is coming from Piero's "Cinquenta y Cinco" vineyard, named after the year in which it was planted. For those non-Spanish speakers out there: Cinquenta y Cinco = (19)55. 

3. Bring the fruit into the winery and select the healthiest looking grape bunches. 

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Great farming yields healthy and delicious fruit. Chacra farms organically and is certified biodynamic. Check out the winery's biodynamic program here.

4. Layer the fruit into barrels to kick-off fermentation. 

75% of the fruit was left whole cluster while the rest was de-stemmed. Less than a third of the de-stemmed grapes were "under ripe" ones included to contribute natural acidity.

5. Bring out your most sophisticated winery equipment to make sure you get the best juice. 

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Pigeage was done by hand and foot to minimize harsh extraction. 

6. Start thinking about lunch. 

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Wild game birds are plentiful and a staple food at Bodega Chacra.

7. Break for lunch!

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8. Come back from lunch and bottle some samples for your US importer.

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This will be here soon....but first we have to drink all of Piero's stash!

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