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Van Volxem

Van volxem

 Roman Niewodniczanski

Roman Niewodniczanski


Located in the historic center of Wiltingen in the Saar Valley, Van Volxem dates back to Roman times. The wine estate is on the site of a Roman villa, whose fragments are still visible today. The estate’s vineyards—which were first planted in the 3rd century on the area’s best slopes—are among the oldest in the region. Monks rediscovered the estate in the 11th century, and the Jesuits cultivated the vineyards starting in the 16th century. In 1743, an abbey winery was built there.

In wake of the French Revolution, the property was secularized and finally ended up under the ownership of Gustav van Volxem, a brewer who had emigrated from Brussels. A true visionary, Van Volxem recognized the potential of his vineyard holdings and in subsequent years, he developed one of the most prestigious wine estates in imperial Germany.  

After four generations in the Van Volxem family, Roman Niewodniczanski bought the historic estate and subsequently restored it to its original holdings parcel-by-parcel. To look at Van Volxem's current holdings is an exercise in listing every great site in the Saar, including Scharzhofberger.