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Silvano Follador

Silvano Follador

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Silvano Follador is in my opinion the single best producer of Prosecco today.
— ian d'agata,

Upon finishing secondary school we decided to carry on the activity of our paternal grandfather, who had died in 1999. Our original 2 hectares under vines (1.5 of which in the Cartizze sub-area) saw the addition at a later date of another 2 hectares inherited from our maternal grandfather. Being inexperienced, for the first few years we relied on an external consultant who strongly influenced the expression of our wines.

They were wines with no character. The varieties of wine we were producing had quite highr residual sugar (12 g/l in the brut, 17g/l the extra dry and 25 g/l the Cartizze dry). We were working for the market and not for ourselves. 

In 2007, the urge to acquire a more intimate and personal relationship with our wines and our land became imperative and so we stopped working with external consultancy. Back in 2004 we had already started to take an interest in organic and then biodynamic farming. We felt the need to give our wines back their dignity and genuineness. We realized that to achieve this, respect for the life of the soil and the physiology of the plants had to take priority. We eliminated weed killers and chemical fertilisers. Starting in 2005 we began to use biodynamic preparations. 

Respecting the natural physiology of the plant as well as the fertility and microbial life of the soil has ensured the development of a more flavorful grape. Allowing the wines to ferment spontaneously has given them back their true varietal aromas with hints of the minerals to be found in the soil.  - Silvano and Alberta Follador