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Charlotte Congretel  and Sébastien Congretel

Charlotte Congretel and Sébastien Congretel


“I grew up around vineyards in Southwestern France as well as in Africa and Indonesia. I married my Beaujolaise wife and quickly moved to Régnié in July 2011, just after our first son was born. At the time, I was working on offshore oil rigs, alternating one month on the job and one month off, during which I would enjoy spending time at my in-laws’ vineyard. I decided to leave the oil industry in March 2016, after my wife finished her oenological studies and we had purchased our parcel of Morgon.

2015 is therefore our first vintage, but it was my wife and her father who made it. 2016 is my first vintage that I worked on from start to finish.

The domaine was born from my desire to get back to basics, with your hands in the earth, your head in the stars, living according to the rhythm of the seasons (and full-time with my family), to enjoy the fruits of creating something with your hands and heart, something alive and tangible.

My philosophy is still in development but since the beginning I knew that I would be organic and would work as “cleanly” as possible in the winery. In time, I will get into Biodynamics because I already adhere to some of its tenets but still have a lot to learn, particularly about how to best manage my parcels. The moon and its cycles play a very important role in my approach, as much in the vineyard as in the cellar. I place a lot of importance on observing nature, the soil, and other plants to understand what is going on.”

- Sébastien Congretel