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Chateau la Grave

Chateau la grave

Paul Barre

Paul Barre


"I grew up surrounded by wine: a grandfather who was a broker in Libourne square, my father and my mother and one of my brothers did it too. My parents managed a winery. My wife is a city person, and knew nothing of wine before we met. One of our children is destined for viticulture. 

The 1st of March 1990, we began to practice biodynamic agriculture and we have claimed the brand Demeter since 1998. Our son Gabriel has been working on the estate since 2005. The biodynamic agriculture that we practice lets us produce without using any toxic products. 

Biodynamic agriculture respects and maintains the equilibrium of place, it respects the flora and fauna, it regenerates the earth so that the plant that grows there is healthy and the animals or man that consume the plant are sound as well. This is a sensible form of agriculture. If the earth is is the support for the expression of the plant, the creative forces of this plant come from the outside; that is to say the cosmos. Biodynamic agriculture argues for the plant at the heart of the universe."

- Paul Barre