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Roussette du Bugey Montagnieu Altesse

The appellation of Montagnieu is spread over three communes: the villages of Montagnieu, Briord, and Seillonnaz. For the humidity-loving Altesse, the village of Montagnieu, where Patrick’s vineyards are located, is the better of the three terroirs. The soil there is water-retentive deep clay, with plenty of fossil-rich limestone, whereas the other terroirs are on limestone scree. The hillside at Montagnieu is magnificently steep. Everything about it screams great wine. It faces south and southwest, traps the sun, and overlooks the Rhône. There are only 32.85 hectares planted in the entire Montagnieu A.O.C. —1.75 for reds, 22.1 for crémant, and a pitiful 8 hectares for the whites.

Patrick's Altesse vineyard was planted in 1975 and 1976. It is on a steep slope, south/southeast-facing, with a soil of deep clay and limestone with fossils. The wine is pressed gently and vinified in a combination of stainless steel and cement vats before it is aged for 12-18 months in mostly old barrels (20%) and vats.