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Nishide Shuzo

Ishikawa’s 17th century Kutani Yaki porcelain artwork gracing this bottle helps tell the story that this sake has been made with local ingredients only. Discovered 100 years ago, the yeast known as kuratsuki kobo is especially unique as it exists naturally within the brewery itself, and is therefore only found in Nishide’s sakes.

Sake Brewery Nishide Shuzo, Komatsu City in Ishikawa Prefecture

Dryness  SMV +3 Acidity 2.0

Recommended temperature  Best served chilled.

Grade  Junmai Daiginjo, 50% rice polish ratio (seimaibuai)

Alcohol  16%

Rice  Gohyakumangoku

Yeast  Kuratsuki Kobo

Water  Hakusan