Grand Cru Selections


A New Corsican Star in the Making

Still in his early thirties and with only a handful of vintages under his belt, Nicolas Mariotti Bindi is making wines that embody some of the best that Corsica has to offer. 

His path into wine is a story you've heard before: originally from Northern Corsica, Nicolas never realistically considered a career in wine. He planned on studying law in Paris at the Sorbonne and becoming an attorney, a plan that he almost completed before becoming disillusioned with law school and jumping headfirst into vineyard work.

After a short internship in Beaujolais, Nicolas returned to Corsica to take a job as a viticultural intern for Antoine Arena in Patrimonio. Shortly thereafter, he was hired as Domaine Leccia's vineyard manager. It wasn't long till he got his hands on some vines - four hectares of 40+ year old Nieullucci and one hectare of Vermentinu. The organically farmed vineyards were leased to him by Henri Orenga de Gaffory. Nicolas' full-time job is still at Domaine Leccia, a position that offers him the ability to raise his own wines in their cellars.  

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