Grand Cru Selections

Marco Tinessa


Marco Tinessa’s first wine "O’gnostro" is named after a local term for wine in the Neapolitan dialect and literally translates to "ink." The concept at the heart of O’gnostro is the quest for bottling the uniqueness of a terroir that is near and dear to Marco’s heart. Marco is not from a winemaking family. He fell in love with wine first as a hobby and quickly started visiting iconic winemakers and getting his hands on as many bottles as possible.

Marco's admiration for the Taurasi made in the region's glory days grew into an obsession and his fascination with the early days of the natural wine movement in France gave his perspective on wine a direction. Together, both of those elements pushed Marco to start O'gnostro. The wine is made from a twenty-five year old vineyard located in Montemarano. Montemarano is, in Marco's view and those who miss old school and soulful Taurasi, the best area for Aglianico.