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La Voix Winery Current Releases

La Voix Winery Current Releases


Pinot Noir Reflektor Machado

“One of the most special things about this vineyard is that a large portion of it is planted to California heritage clones. What I love about “California heritage” clones is that what it really means is is that these are suitcase clones that were stolen from Richebourg and DRC and the very very best pieces of Burgundy when you could still steal sticks, stick ‘em down your pant leg and get them on an airplane!” – Steve Clifton

With fifteen acres planted to Pinot Noir in the heart of the Sta. Rita Hills, Machado Vineyard is adjacent to Clos Pepe and immediately behind the recently planted Kessler-Haak vineyard – sharing a fence line. A gorgeous rolling terrain with sandy clay loam soils marks the site.

Pinot Noir Rebel Rebel Quinta del Mar

My vineyard manager, Francisco Ramirez called me the day he discovered this site. Here’s this vineyard that’s outside of Santa Barbara County, and it’s beautiful. It’s this unbelievable vineyard and its in a place that’s sort of a secret spot. So I drove up and saw this vineyard and I thought “Wow.” and it’s all Pinot Noir. Nobody else was planted in this area, nobody was talking about this area, so there was an air of discovery and rebellion about it that lent itself really well to She’s So Crafty and Rebel Rebel. It’s like, you may not believe this, but, this place in Nipomo grows phenomenal Pinot Noir.” – Steve Clifton

Quinta del Mar’s vineyard employs sustainable practices that further quality by following the practice of Holistic Agriculture, where the grower pays close attention to the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the vine.

Located in the southern tip of San Luis Obispo County, Quinta del Mar is comprised of 20 acres of South sloping ground at the base of the Nipomo hills planted in 2003. The vineyard is planted to Pinot Noir Dijon clones 115 and 777. Positioned only 7 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the vineyard enjoys a significant marine influence with fog in the mornings and sunny afternoons.

Pinot Noir Satisfaction Kessler-Haak Vineyard

“I’ve tasted a lot of Pinot Noir from Sta. Rita Hills – even before it was an appellation and, to me, this is as classic a site as it gets. If I were a somm and I tasted this, I would say “this is Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir. It’s just so classic – it speaks for itself.” – Steve Clifton

Kessler-Haak vineyard is located on Highway 246, 11 miles west of Buellton, CA, in the cooler northwestern section of the Sta. Rita Hills AVA. Fog graces the vineyard most mornings; followed by cool Pacific ocean breezes and bright sunny afternoons. These conditions nurture the gentle ripening of Pinot Noir at lower sugars to yield wines with crisp acidity and the higher levels of spice commonly seen in cool climate viticulture.

Kessler Haak Vineyard is in one of the colder microclimates in the Sta. Rita Hills AVA. Planted in 2005, soils in the vineyard vary from sandy to sandy loam with patches of clay loam. Seven Pinot Noir clones are planted across 27 acres of the vineyard’s rolling hillsides. Although the site is not a certified organic vineyard, vineyard practices are strictly organic. The farming approach strives for balance, harmony and co-existence between the vines and plant, animal and insect populations.