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La Miraja Current Releases

la miraja current releases


Grignolino d`Asti

The name of the grape Grignolino is derived from the Piemontese word grignole, which means “the pips” in the local dialect. The grape is rich in pips, or seeds, and as a result yields tannic wines. Historically, Grignolino has been consumed young as the locals wait for Barbera and Nebbiolo to age. Eugenio recommends serving this chilled, almost as if it was a white wine.


Ruche di Castagnole Monferatto

The production of Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato is extremely limited, and only recently has this wine become available outside its production area. Planted in 1972, Maioli—one of the Gatti family’s holdings—is the oldest vineyard of Ruché in existence.


`La Masche` Barbera d`Asti Superiore

The name “Le Masche” is a reference to pre-Christian deities who torment the souls of immoral human beings. (Intense. We know!) It is 100 percent Barbera that spends 12 months in oak (15-20 percent new barrique; 15-20 percent neutral barrique; 60-70 percent botti).