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Gunther Steinmetz Current Releases

Gunther steinmetz current releases

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Wintricher Geierslay `Sur Lie`

Wintricher Geiersaly is a south-facing 1.7 hectare site with a colder than average micro-climate for Wintricher. It’s a historic vineyard that used to be held in higher esteem but was passed over in favor of parcels that were less steep and easier to farm. The wine is labeled as “sur lie” because Stefan ferments it in a 950 liter pressurized stainless steel tank. When the fermentation is finished, Stefan locks the tank. This keeps all the fermentation gas inside and imparts a very particular aroma. The length of time in the tank depends on the vintage but the usual range is 5-8 months.

The vines are over 60 years old and the soil is purple slate with a lot of quartzite. The 2015 has 9.5 g/L of acidity and 10 g/L of residual sugar.

Wintricher Ohligsberg

In 2013, Stefan Steinmetz was able to add a small parcel in the upper part of the south-facing (and original) part of the Ohligsberg. The vines in the parcel are 45-50 years old.

Dhroner Hofberg Feinherb

Always on the hunt for old and steep vineyards to work with, Stefan had Dhroner Hofberg on his wish list for a long time. His dream finally came true with a 0.1 hectare south-facing parcel of 50 year old vines. It is fermented entirely in stainless steel because Stefan wants to retain the wine’s natural acidity.

The 2014 has 8.8 g/L of acidity and 25 g/L of residual sugar.

Dhroner Hofberg `GD`

"GD" is Stefan's play on "GG" or "Grosses Gewächs." Since Stefan is not part of the VDP he can not use the "GG" classification. Instead he came up with his own, "GD" or "Great Dhroner."

The 2015 has 9 g/L of acidity and 25 g/L of residual sugar. The fruit for "GD" is picked two weeks after the fruit for the Dhroner Hofberg Feinherb.

Brauneberger Juffer `HL`

The "HL" stands for Hasenläufer, the name of plot next to the Juffer Sonnenuhr. Fruit from this plot used to go into the Brauneberger Juffer Feinherb but Stefan thought the terroir was unique and should be singled out. Whereas the Juffer Sonnenuhr is primarily slate, Hasenläufer is slate plus sand and gravel.

The wine was fermented in stainless steel and kept on the lees until the following Summer. The 2015 has 8.5 g/L of acidity and  15 g/L of residual sugar.

Piesporter Treppchen Vom dem Terressen

Piesporter Treppchen is a 0.2 hectare site of 90 year old ungrafted vines directly in front of the Ohlisberg and Geirslay. It is only a few terraces that are built onto the rocks. It is very difficult to work and quantities are small. You can only reach the parcel through a 250 meter long goat pass after a mile walk through the forest.

The 2015 has 9 g/L of acidity and 10 g/L of residual sugar.

Veldenzer Alte Reben feinherb

The Veldenzer Alte Reben Feinherb comes from a half hectare southeast facing site of 65+ year old un-grafted vines. The soils are predominantly blue slate and quartz. It is fermented entirely in stainless steel. The 2015 has 9 g/L of acidity and 25 g/L of residual sugar.