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Guido Marsella

Guido Marsella

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Fiano was not long ago considered one of Italy's great whites. This reputation was lost as production levels ballooned to increase exports.

Guido Marsella founded his winery in 1995 with a nostalgia for Fiano's glory days and a drive to produce the a great expression. (We're a little bias but we think he's already there.) His Fiano shows the real potential of the grape when grown and vinified carefully in a high altitude and mountainous zone.

From his seven organically farmed hectares of Fiano at 650 meters, Guido produces only 500 to 800 cases of Fiano per vintage. The vineyards are located in the town of Summonte, in the Provence of Avellino, across 25 total hectares of land at over 2640 feet above sea level. The soils are primarily rocky with a limy-clay subsoil.