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Giovanni Menti Current Releases

Giovanni Menti current releases



Paiele is 100% Garganega aged for approximately 20 months on its lees in tank. It comes from four hectares of vineyards previously owned by a family whose surname was Paiele. 


Riva Arsiglia

Riva Arsiglia is made from a single hectare of Garganega planted in 1935. It is aged for approximately 10 months on its lees in tank.


Roncaie sui Lieviti

Stefano's pet-nat produced for the first time in 2007. The Garganega is sourced from his flattest vineyards and youngest vines. After bottling, Stefano adds dried Garganega must to kick off a secondary fermentation. The wine doesn't see any sulfur added throughout fermentation or bottling. "Sui Lieviti" is Italian for "on its lees" and "Roncaie" is "forest" in the local dialect. The vineyards used to be forestland.