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Fattoria di Sammontana

Fattoria di Sammontana

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The vines and olive groves of the Sammontana, situated in Montelupo, run along the hill that borders the valley of the Arno river.

The property and its 12th century Romanesque church, were once the property of the Medici family. The property was then donated to the canons of San Lorenzo in Florence, who enjoyed protection and benevolence from the Medici dynasty. They built the underground cantinas and also a furnace with which to produce terracotta pottery.

In 1870, the entire property and adjacent church were bought by a Polish nobleman, Michele Dzieduszycki. He was living at the Imperial Court in Vienna, but loved to spend long stretches in the Tuscan countryside. His son, Maurizio, specialized in art and Renaissance literature, and eventually married an Italian woman. They moved permanently to Tuscany. Maurizio's son, Massimo, developed an agricultural property devoted to high quality wine and olive oil.