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enfield wine co. current releases


Citrine Chardonnay

Citrine is a blend of four different vineyards with an average vine age of almost 40 years, including one of the only own-rooted blocks of Chardonnay in California.


Antle Vineyard Pinot Noir

It is crazy that vineyards were ever planted in Chalone in the first place. The AVA is located high up in the Gavalon Mountains, far from either civilization or water, and right next to Pinnacles National Park.

At 1800 feet and looking out over Monterrey Bay there is just enough marine influence to moderate daytime temperatures and evenly ripen fruit. The limestone soils ensure that the vines maintain their natural acidity and produce wines with the intensity of aromatics, structure, minerality and lightness of being that only limestone can fully evoke.

Antle Vineyard is organically farmed, and is managed by Bill Brosseau, whose family has been farming Brosseau Vineyard since 1980.

Yorkville Highlands Syrah

Halcón vineyard, planted at 2,500 ft elevation in rocky, nutrient-poor volcanic soils and cooled by strong coastal breezes produces one of the most unique expressions of Syrah in California. Tiny yields that ripen very slowly, express naturally powerful and dramatic wines at surprisingly low alcohol.

Brosseau Vineyard Syrah

It is crazy that vineyards were ever planted in Chalone in the first place. The AVA is located high up in the Gavalon Mountains, far from either civilization or water, and right next to Pinnacles National Park.

The Brosseau family first bought land in Chalone in 1978 and planted the vineyard in 1980. Their old vines are some of the most sought after fruit in the state. The distinct blend of decomposed granite and limestone soils give the wines from Brosseau one of the most distinct and identifiable signatures of any vineyard in California. Tiny yields, even on young vines, bring an intensity of flavor, minerality, and acidity and produce wines that are age worthy and complex.

Brosseau Vineyard is organically farmed by the Brosseau family.


Haynes Vineyard Syrah

Climb the old oak tree in the middle of the Haynes Vineyard and you have a direct line of sight across San Pablo Bay to Mt. Tamalpais on the other side.  On cool mornings the marine level sinks down into the Coombsville Bowl and doesn’t break up until the afternoon, creating the mildest growing season in the Napa Valley. The vines are planted in deep, alluvial,cobblestone soil ideal for root penetration. Below the topsoil a layer of powdery, white volcanic ash stores tiny amounts of moisture allowing the fruit to maintain tremendous acidity and develop an elegant and refined tannin structure.  Haynes produces classic, age-worthy wines of fruit and minerality.

The Haynes Vineyard is farmed by Fernando Delgado, who has farmed and lived on the property continuously since 1971. Few farmers anywhere have more experience with one plot of land than Ferndando has with Haynes.


Cabernet Sauvignon Fort Ross Sonoma Coast

Jesus and Patricia’s two acre vineyard was planted in 1999 on drought resistant rootstock in medium depth mixed loam and volcanic soils to a field blend of approximately 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, and 5% Petit Verdot. The same combination of cool ocean air and plentiful sunshine that has created some of California’s most balanced Pinot Noirs, has proven that it can ripen the Bordeaux varietals if planted in just the right spot. The mild and extended growing season allows the grapes to reach a deep maturity of color and flavor at lower alcohol levels, while maintaining a natural acidity that will keep this wine fresh for years and years, reflecting back to a classic era of California Cabernet.

Jesus and Patricia do all of the farming by hand at this tiny property. They farm organically and spray only once or twice a year.  They are currently weaning the vineyard off of irrigation, watering only once a summer, with an eye towards dry farming within the next couple years.


Tempranillo Shake Ridge Vineyard Amador County

Shake Ridge has perhaps best been described as a small village of vineyards rather than one contiguous site. Planted throughout 40 acres of rolling hills, each little parcel has a different slope, aspect and soil profile creating many different microclimates within the same vineyard.

The Tempranillo comes from a young block of head trained vines planted at an elevation of 1800 feet on a northern facing slope that softens the direct afternoon sun. The densely rocky soil contains a mixture blue schist and quartz, bringing a deep brooding stoniness to the wine, while the warm days and cool nights protect the freshness and juiciness of the fruit.

Shake Ridge Vineyard is a labor of love for Ann Kraemer and her family. Once a prominent viticulturist in Napa, Ann turned to the mountains when it came time to plant her own property. She lives on the vineyard full time and is one of the most talented and dedicated growers with whom we work.



Pretty Horses is made in a fresher, juicier style than the Shake Ridge single vineyard Tempranillo and is meant to be drunk younger. 

It's a blend of two vineyards, both in the wild west of the Sierra Foothills. The base of the blend is a super steep block of vines at Rorick Heritage Vineyard, with a couple barrels of Shake Ridge mixed in for texture and gravitas.