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Domaine U Stiliccionu Current Releases

Domaine U Stiliccionu Current Releases



Antica is 100% Sciaccarello from a grantic soil. It is treated exactly the same as Damianu below but comes from a different section of Sebastien's vineyard of Sciaccarello. 

"Antica" translates to "ancient" in the local Corsican dialect and is a reference to "old school" styled Corsican reds.



Damianu is also 100% Sciaccarello from a granitic soil. It comes from a particular and isolated parcel of Sciaccarello that Sebastien has identified as getting better ripeness than the fruit he uses for Antica. This is due to mostly a difference in exposition. After harvesting by hand in early September, the fruit is de-stemmed entirely. Once in the winery, the fruit is handled very gently. There are no pumps in the cellar, everything is by gravity. Sebastien is looking for an infusion, not extraction.

Fermentation is started with a pied de cuve that Sebastien prepares every vintage. Macerations last about thirty days and fermentation is carried out completely sans soufre with none adding at bottling.

"Damianu" is named after Sebastien's son.



Kalliste is 80% Sciaccarello and 20% Nielluccio from a schist based soil. Fermentation usually lasts for two days and macerations for about 45 days. After fermentation, 20% of the volume is kept in demi-muid for 18 months.

Kalliste translates to the “most beautiful one” in Greek. It is what the Greeks called Corsica.


Sottu Scala

Sottu Scala is made from the last picked Sciaccarellu at Domaine U Stiliccionu as Sebastien wants to push phenolic maturity. It is fermented in a combination of tapered vats and demi-muids and pressed by foot. Maceration lasts for about 45 days. 

“Sottu Scala” translates to “under the stairs,” a reference to keeping the wine and letting it age. It is Sebastien's vin de guarde and his most structured wine.

 A Vinoteca Carcaghjolo

Carcajolo Nera is a native Corsican grape once planted widely but abandoned in the early 20th century to the point of near extinction. The fruit is de-stemmed and macerates for four weeks. The wine is fermented in demi-muids and ages for 24 months before bottling.

Vermentino Emy Lidia

Sebastien's Vermentino is the only white wine he makes. It is whole cluster pressed and fermented entirely in stainless steel. Sebastien renamed the wine (after his daughter) starting with the 2017 vintage.