Grand Cru Selections

Domaine Prunier-Bonheur Current Releases

Domaine Prunier-Bonheur Current Releases


White Wines – White bunches are transported to the winery and pneumatically pressed as rapidly as possible. Indigenous yeast alcoholic fermentation takes place in barrel. The white wines age 11 to 15 months in barrel.


Auxey Duresses Blanc Les Crais

Pascal's parcel was planted in the 1950s on the north side of the appellation and deep in the valley, where there is a high content of active limestone. This is a powerful terroir, with assertive stoniness and near painful acidity, and Pascal’s translation of it is a wine as potently energetic as the first cup of coffee in the morning. It is a wine of cravings.


Monthelie Blanc Les Toisieres

It is hard to believe that it was made by the same person as the Auxey Les Crais. It is rich, with a dense core that loosens quickly. The differences in terroir are striking, while the winemaking signature is absent, well, texturally-speaking: there is on the nose of Pascal’s whites that hint of Burgundian reduction, textbook, in perfect proportions, something people would pay dearly to achieve so tastefully.


Red Wines – Pascal prefers to de-stem entirely for purity and precision. Whole berries go through a 3 to 8-day cold soak before indigenous yeast fermentation in stainless steel tanks begins. For a gentle extraction, the temperature is limited and pump-overs are favored to punch-downs, which are limited to 2 or 3 times total. The reds age 15 to 18 months in barrel, with 10 to 20% new oak for village level, and 20 to 30% new oak for the 1er Crus. 



The parcel is 0.72 ha in size with 1/3 of it planted in 1966 and the rest in 1976. Most of the blend is de-classified 1er Cru Climat du Val which is south-facing on stoney limestone-clay soil.



Pascal's plot is 0.48 ha and planted in 1946. It is south-facing on stony, marly limestone soils.


Monthelie Rouge Les Crays

0.40 ha in size and planted in 1972. It sits on a hillside west of the route nationale where the soils are predominantly clay-limestone with a vein of red clay running through it. This parcel is next to the Monthelie Blanc Toisieres.

Monthelie Rouge 1er Cru les Vignes Rondes

Pascal's plot is 0.49 ha and planted in 1962 and 198. It is just below Monthélie, mid-slope on clay-limestone soils.

Beaune Rouge Les Prévoles

0.35 ha and planted in 1970. The parcel is at the bottom of the slope on soils with high clay content.