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Domaine des Croix

domaine des croix

 David Croix

David Croix


David Croix quickly made a name for himself as the winemaker for the venerable Camille Giroud negociant starting with the 2002 vintage. In 2005, David and a group of private investors bought the old Domaine Duchet with holdings focused around Beaune along with an interesting parcel of Corton-Charlemagne and started Domaine des Croix.

In 2017, David announced that he would be leaving his post at Camille Giroud to focus on his own domaine.

David Croix’s dream is to make people understand the great value of Beaune, which, despite being Burgundy’s center of winemaking, has generally fallen short in terms of the appeal of its own wines. He’s making an excellent case with parcels like the premier crus Pertuisots and Savigny’s Les Peuillets.