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Domaine de Galouchey

Domaine de Galouchey

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Domaine de Galouchey is in Beychac-and-Caillau, 7 km from Libourne, but...on the wrong side of the Dordogne.

On the other side of the Dordogne, Saint-Emilion and Pomerol look on, amused. Ten years ago, Marco Pelletier, Jean Terrade, and Gérard Pantanacce chose this small parcel of virgin land to make the wine they'd always dreamed of making.

For me, the wine must be greedy, it must make you want to finish the bottle. To enjoy drinking it, I used to say that we must begin by listening to its story.
— - Marco Pelletier

Domaine de Galouchey has the right to label their wines under the appellation "Bordeaux" but they declassify it vintage after vintage to a "table wine" in order to invite curiosity. Going one step further on this rebellious streak, it is also labeled as a "Vin de Jardin" or "Wine from the Garden." This is in response to the "Vins de Garage" or "garage wines" trend, made popular in Saint-Emilion throughout the 1990s. For Marco and his partners, wine is a beverage that is produced outside, not in a garage. And since their vineyard is less than one hectare in size, it's more of a garden anyway.