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De Fermo Current Releases

De Fermo Current Releases

Le Cince Cerasuolo d`Abruzzo

Le Cince is a Cerasuolo rosè made with 100% Montepulciano.

Whole bunches are put into an old french pressoir and pressed. After 3-4 hours just the juice (without skins) is moved into big oak barrels (20hl) for fermentation. As is always the case: no yeasts are added and there is no temperature control. After the fermentation, the rough lees are separated from the juice by racking and the wine is put back into the same barrels for 7-9 months on the lees.

Le Cince is the name of a family of birds (Cinciallegra) that are a symbol of happiness. When Stefano's daughter was born her nickname was "Cincia" because of her smile and demeanor. The wine is dedicated to the women in Stefano's family.

Don Carlino Abruzzo Pecorino

Don Carlino was the nickname of Stefano's mother in law's uncle. (His name was Carlo but his family affectionally called him Carlino.) He was a lawyer and politician by trade but his passion was viticulture and French wine.

In the 1930s, Carlo decided to turn his passion into his reality and traveled to France to buy barrels and plant material. He returned to Loreto with both and planted Chardonnay, which he bottled until 1955. This wine is named after him to honor his energy and passion for the family farm.

Don Carlino is 100% Pecorino that ferments in tonneaux and stays in the same tonneaux for 8 to 9 months.

Launegild Chardonnay Colline Pescaresi

When Stefano first arrived in Loreto he was puzzled by the vineyard planted to Chardonnay. As far as he knew there was no tradition of Chardonnay in the area. After researching it more closely, he learned of Don Carlino's travels to France in the 1930s and the subsequent planting. The De Fermo's Chardonnay vineyard is one of the oldest  of Chardonnay in Italy planted on a calcareous terroir.

The link between the vineyard and France doesn't stop with Don Carlino. Stefano found documents from the 9th century in the university library regarding the transfer of the vineyard from a French family to the Catholic church. The transaction was completed through a Lombardian system known as "Launegild", denoting the vineyard's transfer as being a donation and not a sale. The wine is named after the system that made it possible for the vineyard to be passed down to the current generation.

Concrete Montepulciano

Concrete comes from the same vineyard of Montepulciano that Prologo does, just harvested 5 days prior. The maceration is also shorter than Prologo, 5 days instead of 14 -20 and it ages for just one year in concrete.

Concrete is meant to be an earlier drinking and less structured expression of Montepulciano.

Prologo Montepulciano d`Abruzzo

As this was the first wine Stefano produced, he decided to name it “Prologo.” Prologo is Italian for "prologue and this wine was exactly that - an experiment and a prologue to a dream of theirs, to grow grapes and produce wine.

Prologo is 100% Montepulciano that ferments in concrete and stays in big oak barrels for 18 months.