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De Fermo

de fermo

Stefano Papetti

Stefano Papetti


The De Fermo family has called Loreto Aprutino home for generations. Family records show vines being cultivated there since 1100 and the family has had a presence in the area since 1785. 

The current generation, led by husband and wife team, Stefano Papetti and Nicoletta De Fermo returned to the family farm's vineyards and olive orchards after having successful law careers in Bologna. The winery had not been in use since the mid 1950s.

Since resurrecting their family's cultural heritage in 2008, Stefano and Nicoletta have proven themselves to be stewards of their land and talented winemakers who understand that the best thing they can do is to intervene as seldomly as possible in the cellar and let Loreto Aprutino do the talking.