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Clos des Plantes Current Releases

Clos des Plantes Current Releases 


“Poiesis” comes from the same Greek root as the word “poesy”. Poesy is the the art or composition of poetry while Poiesis is the activity through which a person brings something into being that did not exist before. These concepts are at the heart of Clos des Plantes.

The illustration for the Chenin Blanc label was made by Magdalena Kaczan, a Polish artist. It depicts the ideas of biodiversity, the ability to establish a human connection to the earth and stars, and the humbling feeling that comes from reflecting on nature’s complexity and the subsequent desire to preserve it.

In the cellar, Olivier's goal is to reduce the number of filters between the fruit and the wine. Once the Chenin is pressed on an old vertical press, fermentations start spontaneously on wild yeasts and in fiberglass tanks. Once the fermentation is ready , the must is transferred to neutral barrels by gravity and left untouched for 12 months until racking and bottling.