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Brendan Stater-West Current Releases

Brendan Stater-West Current Releases

In 2015, I insisted that I wanted to find some vineyards to start making my own wine. Romain proposed one hectare of a vineyard called Les Chapaudaises to me, and I knew it was a terroir that could make the style of Chenin that I am crazy for: elegant, pure, vertical, with salinity from the limestone.
— Brendan Stater-West

Saumur Blanc Les Chapaudaises

Les Chapaudaises is a 1 hectare vineyard in the commune of Bizay, just two kilometers south of Brézé. The topsoil (40cm) is composed of loam, sand and clay, with the tuffeau (soft limestone) bedrock just underneath.

Considering the shallow top-soil, Brendan see that generally the vines have a much harder time growing and therefore the clusters are much smaller and more concentrated. This is the first vineyard that Brendan picks, even before any of the Domaine Guiberteau vineyards in order to preserve high acidity. Usually the pH that ranges from 3.0 - 3.10.

Everything is pressed whole cluster and alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel and is kept to under one month. Of course, only indigenous yeasts are allowed. Once alcoholic fermentation is over, the wine is racked and then put into barrel at Brendan’s house in Chacé for roughly 12 months. He racks the wine to make room in the barrels for the upcoming vintage and then allows the wine to age in stainless steel for the remaining 6 months.

Saumur Blanc Val de Loire

This is coming from a selection inside the parcel of Les Chapaudaises in Bizay. The selection is made in the lower slope of the parcel (facing north-east), where the grapes don't have the same concentration and depth from the other half that go into the bottling Les Chapaudaises. The soil type is mostly clay-sand-loam based and about 1m in depth before being in the limestone. The picking dates vary from the picking for Les Chapaudaises as the ripeness is a little later on this part of the vineyard, therefore needing 4-5 days more of ripening than Les Chapaudaises.

Fermentation and vinification takes place in stainless steel tanks. Brendan left some fine lees in the tank in order to nourish the wine during the aging for 6 months. 2018 is the first vintage bottled.

Saumur Rouge Val de Loire

The Saumur Rouge comes from a young south-west vineyard of Cabernet Franc in Brézé, in the lieu-dit La Ripaille. The soil profile is predominately sandy-clay of 1.5m in depth. Brendan is just the second grower with La Ripaille. (The other is Antoine Foucault of Domaine du Collier.)

Harvest is sorted in the vineyard then destemmed 100% upon arrival at Brendan’s facility. Maceration is based on an infusion style, no extraction (no pump-overs, pigeage, delestage) and lasts 6 days in order to preserve delicate and purity in texture. Aging is also in stainless steel for 6 months. 2018 is the first vintage bottled.