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Bodega Chacra Current Releases

bodega chacra current releases

Pinot Noir 

Cincuenta y Cinco Pinot Noir

Cincuenta y Cinco comes from vineyards planted in 1955 which gently rest on a sea of pebbles, typical in riverbed soils. It is fermented with its whole bunches at very low temperatures, enhancing the floral characteristics of the wine. It is essential 90% whole cluster with the rest of the stems used to make the pied de cuve. Cincuenta y Cinco has the most tension of all of Piero's wines. It is aged in a combination of mostly neutral oak barrels and cement.


Treinta y Dos Pinot Noir

Treinta y Dos is a single vineyard wine coming from a two hectare vineyard of old vines planted in 1932. The soil is layered with clay, sand, and pebbles. Treinta y Dos is the most structured of all Piero's Pinot Noirs. 


Sin Azufre Pinot Noir

Sin Azufre is a personal project of Piero’s. It is an experiment of making wine without science, using only the eyes, nose, palette, and reasoning as tools. The grapes come from a special section of the Cincuenta y Cinco vineyard. It is 100% whole cluster, with no temperature control, no additions, no tartaric acid added, and fermented entirely in cement. In 600L barrels, the fermentation begins spontaneously on day 3 to 5 of maceration. At the end of the fermentation cycle (usually 15 to 21 days), the must is placed in used oak barrels for 11 months, without the inclusion of pressed wine.

"The idea of doing this wine came to me in 2012. Every day I would walk to the winery and on the way there I would walk though the vineyards. What became apparent to me was that we had finally reached a complete balance, both on the fauna and on the flora. I felt that we had finally managed to restore the biodiversity of Mainque, so I started to think….how can we attempt to capture all of this and put it in the bottle. I wanted to only use empirical evidence and not allow science to stain the process. If all is so in balance and pure, why not attempt to restrain the impulse to control by reacting to scientific readings and just follow instincts? In 2013 I finally had the courage to do it, and the Sin Azufre Pinot Noir was born." - Piero Incisa


Starting with the 2017, Bodega Chacra has opened a new chapter in their winery’s history. Piero, in partnership with Jean-Marc Roulot of Domaine Roulot in Meursault, will be producing Chardonnays alongside their Pinot Noirs. More on how their friendship turned into a partnership here and here.

All of the farming of the Chardonnay parcels is in-line with Bodega Chacra's farming program - that is organic and biodynamic, however the fruit is not yet certified. (Certification takes five vintages of adherence.)

The two Chardonnays are essentially two separate terroirs. Chacra Chardonnay comes from a single vineyard of 40 year old vines and Mainque is three parcels. In the cellar, every decision is Jean-Marc’s.

Mainque Chardonnay

The soils of the Mainque Chardonnay parcels are a touch sandier than those in the Chacra with a combination of sand, clay, pebbles, and pebbles covered in calcareous matter. It is fermented in barrel with only 70% malolactic achieved, spending eleven months in mostly second and third use French oak barrels.

Chacra Chardonnay

Chacra Chardonnay comes from 40 year old vines in mineral soils with alluvial stones covered in calcaire. It was fermented in barrel with 100% malolactic, spending eleven months in mostly second and third use French oak barrels.