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Benoit Lahaye

benoit lahaye

Valérie Lahaye-Auger and Benoit Lahaye

Valérie Lahaye-Auger and Benoit Lahaye


Benoit Lahaye is a farmer first and a winemaker second. Since taking over his family’s domaine in 1993, he has moved the viticulture from being pesticide-free to certified organic and then to biodynamic certification. This is far from an easy transition, as Champagne’s extreme northern climate can make biodynamic viticulture very difficult. In fact, certified organic vineyards only represent around 1% of total land.

Benoit Lahaye is rapidly becoming one of the top grower-producers in the Montagne de Reims.
— Peter Liem

Benoit is proud to share the positive impact his farming has had on his Champagnes. Not only has he found ripeness to increase over time, but also natural acidity levels. There is a sense of harmony and an intensity that is unique to his wines. Our only complaint is that with only five hectares of vines, we can never get enough.