Grand Cru Selections

Bellus Wines


Not long ago Jordan Salcito, then a sommelier at Eleven Madison Park (now Beverage Director at Momofuku), started looking for wines to recommend to friends that embodied her values and weren’t prohibitively expensive or impossible to find. This made her start taking a critical look at wines available in the market. She realized there were no wines that met all the criteria she and her friends were looking for in a bottle. So she talked with some winemaker friends and created Bellus. 

Bellus is a socially and environmentally conscious wine company that makes organically-grown, terroir-driven wines in collaboration with partner wineries around the globe. We make wines that we want to drink. We believe in trusting your palate to determine if you think something’s delicious. That’s why we created the PALA-TABLE, which gives a snapshot of each wine’s structure and taste.  

The grapes used to produce all of our wines are grown without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. While we embrace traditional principles like sustainable agriculture, we have fun dreaming up new possibilities, too.