Grand Cru Selections
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Domaine Arnaud Lambert Press


domaine arnaud lambert PRESS


"Currently the wines are overseen by Arnaud Lambert from nearby Domaine de Saint Just and the property is now in the process of converting to biodynamics. Amid all the chenin there is essentially just one red here, grown on tuffeau and silex. Skillfully done and, for the moment, a relative bargain"

— jon Bonne, PUNCH, "A Crib Sheet to Loire Valley Cabernet Franc"


Lambert is now bottling wines under his own name both from his family’s land (formerly under the Saint-Just label) and the plots he rents from nearby Château de Brézé. Both line-ups are fantastic, especially the red Clos du Tue-Loup and white Clos David.

— jon bonne, punch, "How Saumur Became a Loire Valley Powerhouse"