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Anne-Sophie Dubois Press


anne-sophie dubois PRESS


"Dubois makes some of the most soulful, Burgundy-like versions of Beaujolais that I’ve encountered...a Fleurie with a bit of fealty to the Cote d’Or."

— jon Bonne, SF chronicle, "Beaujolais reinvents itself, with a new generation out front"

This method also produces wines that express more tannin, something that many producers—notably Anne-Sophie Dubois, a young producer of Fleurie, who cites Burgundy’s Henri Jayer as an inspiration—believe is the primary key to expressing the different crus of Beaujolais.

— jordan mackay, punch, "Beyond Carbonic: A New Era for Beaujolais"

"This season I'm aware of three significant debuts from the area, and I'm sure there's more.

Anne Sophie Dubois went for a stint in Volnay and she's working  Fleurie in no-carbo for her two cuvées, l’Achemiste and Clepsydre. Raised in cement of old wood, these are also wines built to last."

- Alice Feiring, The battle won in the Beaujolais